Colwell Bay

Isle of Wight

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 Colwell looking west

Colwell Bay looking west

Colwell Bay looking west. Colwell chine is at the centre 

of the picture (near the bathing machines/beach huts) and 

the sea wall to Totland runs around the point. (Photochrom)

An earlier view looking west from Colwell Chine, about 1910.

(British Mirror)

Holiday scene at Colwell

Colwell Bay looking towards Colwell chine

A Holiday scene at Colwell looking west,

probably from the 1960's.

Looking towards Colwell Chine, 1915.There were two families 

who were longshoremen on the beach, the Coles and the Conways. (Nigh) 

Colwell Chine 1910

View along Colwell Bay

Colwell Chine around 1910. Note the boat launching ramp. 

On the left, at the point, is Fort Albert. (National)

An undated view along Colwell Bay. (Nigh)

Colwell Chine

Colwell chine

View of the road approach to Colwell Bay (Colwell Chine ), 1930.

A later view of Colwell Chine, probably from the 1950's. (Dixon)

Colwell Bay looking towards Brambles

 Foreshore at Colwell

Colwell Bay looking towards Brambles, On the cliffs top left

 are the chalets of Bramble holiday camp. (Dean)

Looking along the foreshore at Colwell, probably 1950's. (Valentine)

Cricket on Colwell Bat

Colwell looking west

A holiday scene of the 1930's,

seemingly a game of cricket. (Marfleet)

Colwell Bay looking west from Brambles with the 

Needles in the distance, postmarked 1946. (Sunshine)

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